AK 203 Rifle: All the information about Features of AK 203 Rifle Made in Amethi

AK 203 rifle will replace the Indian Army’s in service INSAS and AK 47 rifle. The 200 series rifle is the next generation of the 100 series Aks

The AK 203 will be manufactured in India Amethi. This project is collaborate with Russia at the Korwa area of Amethi. This factory was established in 2010. In this collaborate India will manufacture 7.5 Unit of AK 203.

AK 203 is the latest version of the AK 47, it would replace the old rifles which Indian army is using right now.

Defence Production India

The AK 203 will be manufacture with the same old design, layout and major feature (Includes reliability and durability) The new AK 203 have improve feature ergonomics and modern accessory interfaces.

The New joint venture between India and Russia comes after last year singing of 5.3 Million Dollar deal for S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems.

Prevoius week, the Defence Ministry signed a contract with American firm Sig Sauer for the supply of 73,000 assault rifles, These rifles will be used by troops deployed along the nearly 3,600-km border with China.

Russian president Vladimir Putin hopes that the AK 203 help India Army’s to protect there borders easily.

Features of AK 203 Rifle are given below:

1. Lighter & shorter

2. 100% Accurate

3. AK 200 series rifle can fire 10 bullets in a second(Means 600 blutes in a mintue)

4. AK 200 series rifle can work in any climatic condition

5. AK 200 series rifle never jammed.

6. Folding Adjustable Buttstock

7. Ergonomic Pistol Grip

8. Selector with additional tab for trigger finger and many other features.

AK 203 Brief

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